Wandering down the main street of my gorgeous little village home yesterday, I looked in the window of a corner shop to see what I immediately thought was a junk store. On closer inspection however it became apparent that this was a private Gallery. I never ever allow myself to criticise other people’s work because who am I to judge? So lets just say the work was not to my taste. But it did get me thinking of the title of “Artist” and how it is used.

For a long time I was not ready to call myself an “Artist” preferring instead to use the title “Student” or “Aspiring”. I can’t tell you what it was that finally lead me to make the change. Whether it be outside recognition, inner confidence, a rise in the quality of work I was achieving or a combination of all these things.

It was a very personal ride for me, and an eye opening one too. I assumed, when I was still working towards this self given moniker, that once I was comfortable calling myself an Artist I would have made it. That this would be the culmination of years of hard work and once there I would be done.

Now I realise that it is quite the opposite. That the title of Artist is not a completion but a beginning of my journey. Like unlocking a section on my GPS that only reveals another, even longer road. But it’s a journey I’m excited about and eager to get started on. Lions and Tigers and Bears. OH MY!!!

So what do you guys think? Was there a moment when you felt ready to adopt the title “Artist”? Was it an easy choice or did it feel awkward for a while?

Mucho Love


2 thoughts on “Titles

  1. Like you – until fairly recently I’ve felt somewhat uncomfortable when people call me an ‘Artist’ but I feel that I am an artist – you will always develop and go in different directions 0 good luck to you – x

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